7929 Victoria Drive | Victoria, MN 55386 | 952.300.8408

ENKI Tap Room

Perfectly situated along the shores of Steiger Lake, downtown Victoria, MN.

Built from brick and mortar in 1914, the ENKI brewery lives in what once was the Victoria Creamery. Comfortable and inviting, the taproom offers a somewhat ‘lived in’ feel with a great view of both the lake and our beautiful brew house. During the summer months, join us on our beer garden patio. The brewery is easily accessible via Highway 5, and mere steps off the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail, LRT. Drive up or peddle out to experience all we have to offer. Being that our goal is to make both wonderful beer and great friends, we look forward to you become our FOEs… Friends of ENKI, that is. Whether you stay for a couple pints or bring a growler home, or both for that matter, we’re looking forward to a beautiful friendship.

GIFT CARDS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN THE TAP ROOM! Also available in our tap room are a variety of ENKI Gear options -- mens and ladies shirts, hats, hoodies, and other ENKI-approved goods. Merchandise changes often so stop in and check it out!

We may not have a restaurant, but you sure can have a delicious, hot meal while you're enjoying a frothy, cold brew! Introducing the ENKI Express menu from the Victoria House. A special menu featuring everything from ENKI Beer battered walleye to BBQ ribs -- complete with beer pairings. And as always, you're free to bring in any other foods!

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please email info@ENKIBrewing.com

To learn more about reservations, please email reservations@enkibrewing.com

For all donation requests, please email


(952) 300-8408

7929 Victoria Drive
Victoria, Minnesota 55386

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Tuesday 4 to 10 PM

Wednesday through Friday 4 to 10 PM

Saturday noon to 10 PM

Sunday noon to 7 PM

Tours available.

ENKI Growler Filling Policy

ENKI Brewing will fill growlers from other breweries.

We will fill if:

  • 1)If the taproom is not busy. It takes time to fill growlers. We can fill them depending on how busy the taproom is.
  • 2)If the growler is cleaned, sanitized, and dry. We determine if it’s clean.

The customer agrees to the following:

  • 1)We will only fill glass, screw-cap, 64oz. growlers.
  • 2)We will heat-seal the growler with plastic.
  • 3)We will tie an ENKI tag on the growler to identify our beer, address, and all required government warnings.
  • 4)Taproom attendant is not liable for any damage caused to growler while filling.


  • 1)ENKI growlers in our cooler are pre-filled using a bottling machine and will last, on average, up to four weeks before being opened. Growlers filled from the tap will last 24 hours.
  • 2)We do swap out old ENKI growlers for a glass of beer in the taproom.
  • 3)We take trades! Bring in a growler we don’t have on our shelf and we’ll trade you for a growler deposit or a beer from the tap.