IV Anno ENKI - Belgian Quad, One Time Brew

In celebration of our 4th anniversary, ENKI is proud to present IV Anno Enki, our Belgian Quad. This naturally follows III Anno ENKI, a triple IPA, served at our 3rd anniversary. Will a Quintuple Ale be offered at next year's anniversary? You'll just have to make plans to be here a year from now to find out. Regardless, we promise a beer adventure worth your while!

IV Anno Enki is a rich, complex Belgian-style beer that shines antique gold. It features a soft malt flavor combined with spiciness from noble hops and lively pepper notes contributed by the Belgian-style yeast. The 10.6% ABV is well-contained within the residual sugars to offer a smooth yet substanctial ale and pleasantly sweet finish absent of bitter aftertaste. Served in a commemorative 10oz. tulip glass. 10.6 ABV, 10 IBUs

Ian DeVaan