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Victoria’s Gold

Available on Draft.

This cream ale is delicate, virtuous and light-bodied. The mild and toasty malt base is perfectly balanced with subtle hops that hint at the flavors of stone fruit. The mouth feel is wonderfully creamy with a satisfying, dry finish. Cheers!

4.9% ABV, 11 IBUs

Tailfeather IPA

Available on Draft.

Our flagship IPA, Tailfeather, features juicy citrus, pomelo, and floral notes without the astringent hoppy flavor of some other IPAs out there. You'll love our blend of Citra and Cascade hops.

6.4 ABV, 60 IBUs


Cacao Porter

Available on Draft.

Like Grandma’s semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven, Cacao’s aroma is irresistibly tempting. The tightly-laced tan head and dark brown color invites your palate to experience Cacao’s richly smooth texture and creamy, dark chocolate flavor that gives way to a clean, earthy hop ending. With one taste, you too will be saying Cacao is the best porter to have touched your lips!

6.2% ABV, 24 IBUs

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_SC10316 | The Raven copy.jpg

Hootenanny Hefe Weiss

Seasonal Offering.

The German yeast strain provides aromas of banana, clove, and spice, while the wheat-heavy malt bill creates a chewy, rich mouth feel and crisp finish. It pours in an unfiltered and brilliant orange color with whipped cream-like lacing.

6.0% ABV, 15 IBUs

Winnie the Brew

A light golden ale with notes of sweet honey and a crisp refreshing aftertaste.

5.9% ABV, 12 IBUs


Raspberry Bomb Saison

Brewed with natural raspberry puree, this traditional French Saison has all the spice you'd expect from the style, along with a brilliant red hue.

The Raven Russian Imperial Stout

The Raven is dark, mysterious, and paradoxical. Known to foretell the future through its eye, the raven conjures fear of the unknown, yet often brings comfort to those who harken its message. Likewise, The Raven Russian Imperial Stout will intimidate some, but reward the brave who partake in the shadowy drink with all mysteries revealed.

9.0% ABV, 41 IBUs

Sparkling Spiked Seltzer

Trying to avoid the gluten? Give our hard seltzer a try! It's available in a variety of flavors.

4.0% ABV


Find our ENKI tap handles in local bars and restaurants throughout the Metro Area! Our kegs are also available for purchase, just ask your local liquor store!